XLM Price Reports Escalation of More Than 40% in Last 5 Days

Stellar is noticed to be organizing Hackathon and workshops around the globe to increase the visibility of XLM in the network. This seems to have an added advantage for the trading price of the coin as well. Stellar Chart By TradingView Considering the fluctuations from the past 5 days, XLM seems to have been gaining attention from the masses. The value of the coin has witnessed great escalations and seems to be proceeding in the same way. On September 14, 2019 Stellar price was initially seen trading at $0.0569. The value from then saw a tremendous escalation of 53.03% as on September 18, 2019, at 22:45 UTC when the coin was seen trading at $0.08723. However, a notable drop of 14.95% was seen today around 04:10 UTC when the value changed to $0.0744 which is now increased again by 12.86% from then. Stellar seems to have riding the bulls when compared with the constant drop that it faced in the recent past. XLM Price Chart The value is fluctuating in the right direction and it is a good time to fetch returns from the short-term investments in the coin. Intraday traders might be able to earn good returns if they hit the trade decisions. Also from here you can read more about XLM Prediction for the coming years. XLM Price Chart Considering the long-term movement of the coin, the price after May 18, 2019 was constantly dropping where many traders started losing interest in XLM. However, from the past 7 days, the value is witnessing the constant surge proving to be the best long-term investment option as well. Conclusion The resistance and support levels are calculated as: Resistance Level: R1: $0.092488, R2: $0.101859, R3: 0.1172 Support Levels: S1: $0.067776, S2: $0.052435, S3: $0.043064 Stellar (XLM) News