Wombat Network Partners With Carbon to Enable Use of Credit and Debit Cards for Trading Purposes

Wombat, the popular platform facilitating users to explore the blockchain arena at ease, has announced its collaboration with payments network, Carbon to render the customers with a golden opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies with their credit or debit cards. As per the partnership terms, the users will now be able to purchase EOS from different countries for up to a maximum limit of $250 per day without KYC fulfillment for unmatched rates and unbelievably fast speed of 60 seconds. By allowing the usage of credit and debit cards in the purchase payment process, Wombat is trying to abolish the strict entry barriers for the first as well as regular users. It is also allowing users to get exposed to the EOS dApps benefits without bearing the complexities of the KYC norms. The Wombat and Carbon integration will make available the advantages of the arena of Web 3.0 for the users allowing them to enrich themselves with the new-age technology. The Working Mechanism: The users need to follow a set of processes to enjoy the new-added features to the Wombat Wallet network. The steps are explained below, have a look: Open the wallet view and tap on the “buy” option A new screen appears initiating the purchase process through Carbon’s widget Now, type in the amount of EOS you want to purchase from the platform. The minimum amount set by the solution is $5.00 so fill the amount accordingly. Click next and double-check that you have selected the correct EOS account After the completion of the process, the amount bought will soon show up in your Wombat wallet The new feature offered by Wombat will be available in most of the countries except in the US and China owing to the stringent regulations. Carbon firm is striving hard to chalk out a solution for the inclusion of the missing countries as well in the near future. Cryptocurrency News