With Just Team Joining Tron, TRX Registers 8.67% Gains In A Day

The founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tron, Justin Sun, has recently announced that the company is going to welcome a very special team to its fold – Just. Team: The news came as a pleasant surprise for many, and within the hours of the announcement, TRX recorded a jump of 8.67% in its value. Now, many of you might be surprised why the founder of the Tron himself came forward to make this announcement and what is special about the Just. Team, we explain all these things in detail below: Just. Team The year 2017 proved a disaster for the Team Just, like many others, as it lost almost everything in a spate of scams that rocked cryptocurrency universe during the year. Back then, even the insignificant digital assets seemed to be an extraordinary attractive business proposition, and many invested in them perceiving these opportunities as once in a lifetime occasions. Team Just lost much in the noise and scream for digital coins, and the over-enthusiastic market made sure that scamsters and hackers have had the last laugh. After the loss, Team derived the learning that you should not believe anyone in the cryptocurrency universe, and we must say, the lesson was learned in a hard manner. Many other folks falling prey to the same kind of mistake also joined the Team, and together these people worked hard to develop systems and processes that will be immune from any kind of scamming or hacking activities. In other words, the Team wanted to ensure that if you lose your money in crypto space, then it should be because of your own mistakes and not because of the nefarious designs of hackers. The Team worked hard to develop transparent and confidential solutions in the blockchain, which help to recover important features of the blockchain technology. In particular, Team has developed a system for the blockchain technology, which allows you to work without any third party interface or mediator. The technology helps to bring an extra layer of security to the table, and their popular product range includes 232 Token, P3D, and Exitscam.me Tron and Ethereum Another exciting facet which is playing behind the Team joining Tron network is the ongoing competition between Tron and ethereum. It’s not a long ago that the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, called upon all the developing teams at Ethereum to join Tron. Tron, according to the Sun, is far more powerful and cheaper than the ethereum and as a result of this appeal, many shifted base from ethereum to Tron while some others are deploying parallel teams to work with Tron. In this particular backdrop of ongoing rivalry, the shift of Team Just is relevant and seen with much interest from the various quarter of cryptocurrency industries. Crypto experts and Analysts are also particularly interested in the kind of products Team Just will develop for Tron blockchain or how the existing products of the Team with adapt according to the blockchain network of Tron. Just so you know, TRX has gained 8.67% in a day to trade at $0.035 with its total market capitalization pegging at $2.3 billion. TRON (TRX) News