Why Justin Sun Paid $4.5 Million Lunch With Warren Buffett Who Thinks BTC Is “Rat Poison Squared”?

The TRON Founder- Justin Sun has paid 4.5 Million U.S. Dollars after winning the opportunity to be a part of the 20th Anniversary charity lunch hosted by Warren Buffett which will take place in the New York City. Is the hefty payment made just to grab a bite with Warren Buffett over the charity lunch? Justin’s decision has spun many heads into a dizzy and has made them urge for the reason as to why he opted for such an expensive gamble? Sure, it is not just for the food, of course! Talking of food, the founder of the Berkshire Hathaway- Warren Buffett, against all the imaginations and possibilities as well as lavish expectations, he does not feast like a king. You would be surprised to know that the 88 years old world-renowned investment leader is famous for living this long on ‘Coca Cola, Utz potato sticks, Dairy Queen Sundaes, and fast food from McDonald’s.’ Why has Justin Sun paid 4.5 Million U.S Dollars for the Charity Lunch with Buffett? Now, do you still think Justin Sun paid 4.5Million U.S Dollars for this kind of lunch? Well, of course, no. Justin Sun, in an interview, revealed the reasons why he went to such extents to have lunch with the investment legend. His reasons are three folds- First of all, he says that he has been a big admirer of Warren Buffett since a very long time. He has learned a lot from him and considers Buffett as a great inspiration. In the interview, he said that it is his way to “payback” to the 88-year-old investment legend for the inspiration he has gifted to him and the world. Sun’s second reason is around the service to the community. He pointed out that the main focus of TRONics has always been around the local community. On the other hand, Glide foundation has kept its focus on serving to the San Francisco’s local charity. It is due to this reason that he wishes to make donations to the Glide Foundation to support the efforts of the Glide Foundation for the charity work. Lastly, he said that he wants to become a catalyst between the crypto landscape and the traditional investment sector. He seeks to combine the power of both the worlds. On this topic, in the interview he said, I want to become the bridge between institution investor, financial institutions, the traditional investors like Warren Buffett, and the crypto industry and blockchain industry. That is why I want to bring seven leaders from the blockchain industry. The golden opportunity which has been well shared: Justin Sun has indeed landed a great opportunity after getting selected for the charity lunch. But he did not stop there. The TRON founder wrote an open letter recently to talk about this golden charity lunch opportunity he has won. Along with being very happy about the chance to meet Warren Buffett, he is meeting with a vision of paving ways between the crypto industry and the traditional finance industry. In the letter, he has invited seven leaders to join him for lunch with Warren Buffett. In his open letter to Tronics, Sun said, The long-term value investment strategy and cryptocurrency, in my eyes, are one and the same. We in the community know we have a long road ahead of us to educate the mainstream on blockchain’s value and proper use cases. Rather than trying to get rich quick, we aim to counsel everyone that investment should be about vision and execution. Will the Bitcoin Critic get convinced by a Bitcoin Supporter? Although once Warren Buffett called Bitcoin as “rat poison squared,” nevertheless, this could not discourage the 29 years old founder of TRON. In the interview, when he was asked about the same, his first response was a burst of hearty laughter. After that, he explained that he is open to criticism. He rather extended his appreciation towards the investment legend and added that he is hopeful that he will be able to turn things around. He thinks that lack of proper exposure and the twisted media reports about the crypto industry has made Warren Buffett think like that, which of course, can be cleared. Justin Sun News