Waves Platform Announces Contest through Twitter for Blockchain Developers

With speedy development on the technical front as well as the consistent market values, adoption by masses is the ultimate goal of any blockchain or digital currency player. Although there are many strategies, ad campaigns and promotions being planned to attract more investors but in comparison, only a little is being done to channel the attention on the community of developers. To change this current scenario, WAVES or the Waves Platform has initiated an exclusive competition for the blockchain developers. The competition is called the “1000 WAVES coins competition” and will be held on the microblogging site Twitter. The competition will see blockchain developers sharing their ongoing projects with a much wider audience, including the development team at WAVES. Any blockchain developer keen on participating in the competition shall have to use the #BuildOnWaves hashtag. The Competition Details The development team at Waves came up with the competition idea to encourage the decentralized applications’ development on the blockchain. It will also provide a platform to the developers where they can share their work or even the experiences with the products and technology of Waves. The competition is scheduled to commence from 18th February and will end on 4th March. Participants who fail to include the #BuildOnWaves in their tweet will not be considered for the competition. In addition to the #BuildOnWaves hashtag, the participants also have to tag @waveslabs and @sasha35625. Both these accounts will further share leading experiences and developments. The competition has 1000 coins of WAVES as its prize money. It amounts to approximately $2,750 United States Dollars at the current market price. The prize money will be distributed among the winners as below: 500 coins of WAVES will be provided to the tweet that garners maximum retweets until 00:00 hours GMT of 5th 300 coins of WAVES will be offered to the randomly chosen project. This random nomination will be carried out on the basis of the Waves Oracle RNG or random number generator. It was developed by Waves Grants program. For the last 200 coins of WAVES, the jury will select an appropriate project. The jury will include the professionals from DevRel, Waves company management, and Waves Labs. The Waves officials will be declaring the winners through their official social network accounts. It is advisable for all the participants to refrain from sharing their wallet details to people claiming to be Waves personnel as such information is NOT at all required by the officials before the end of the competition. https://twitter.com/waveslabs/status/1097439807809220609 With USD 269,010,738 of market cap, WAVES coin currently holds the 22nd position in the ranking of CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing, the coin is being traded at USD 2.69. Waves News