Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: XVG Gravitating Towards $0.09 By 2019 End

Verge or XVG is one of those altcoins that get less impacted by the price volatility. It focuses on full confidentiality and anonymity of its users. It is virtually untraceable, and its users can do instant, anonymous transactions on its platform. It has advanced blockchain technology that is built on top of Tor and I2P. These two services hide personal data of the users and maintain anonymity while they do transactions. Current stature of XVG XVG is currently getting traded at USD 0.007460 (UTC time). With a market cap of USD 118,331,499 and a circulating supply of 15,861,291,436 XVG, it is the 55th largest cryptocurrency. Price analysis of XVG on the basis of Verge charts The above chart shows that XVG is currently getting traded at 0.007451 USD or 0.00000181 BTC (UTC time 07:40). Its present market cap is worth of 118,189,488 USD, and its 24h volume is worth of 14,426,361 USD. The same chart shows that approx. One month earlier, XVG had a trading value of 0.007065 USD. So, within this one month, the value of XVG has been increased by 5.46% with 0.007329 USD as a good support resistance. Future price predictions of XVG Many crypto experts think that XVG can grow in the future but how far it can make in 2019 is pretty questionable. In this year, XVG will rebase into BTC core version 0.13, where some features of the BTC core can be transmitted like Tor, stealth addressing and multi-algorithm. XVG is also said to have completed 20% development of IOS wallet. Very recently, its developers have introduced website translation which may increase with mass user adoption worldwide. According to Crypto Ground, XVG can trade around $0.0281 by the end of this year. Wallet Investor has predicted that XVG can reach around $0.138 by 2019 end and in 5 years, it can even shoot up top 5%-3% over its current price. Mega Crypto Price predicted that Verge could reach $0.7401 by 2020 and by 2023, it can be somewhere around $2.39. Coin Fan assumed that XVG could be maximum $0.172 and it can reach lowest around $0.127. Verge has plans to introduce Ring Confidential Transactions (Ring CT) in 2019. It is an advanced masking of transaction amounts and RSK smart contract integration. All these are plans, and till now, the performance of XVG has not been that significant to give positive hopes to the investors. On top of that, the current crypto market is highly volatile. So, all these are making only one thing clear that XVG can be a risky investment on the basis of the current picture. Conclusion The investors must wait till XVG launches its updates and make any significant move this year. Currently, it is not the right time to invest in this crypto. Verge (XVG) News