TrustVerse Partners With UNESCO For Developing Fundraising Platform

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO has agreed to sign an MoU with a Singapore based startup TrustVerse to form a strategic partnership to come up with innovative technologies to maintain a platform for transparent fundraising and keeping their mutual understanding aligned to strengthen and serve UNESCO’s goal. This partnership is established on TrustVerse’s blockchain and smart contracts. Along with this, it is also based on artificial intelligence (AI), and combined service expertise. The partnership aims to serve UNESCO to reiterate the mission of education, science, and culture. This also comprises the delivery of a multi-sectoral digital strategy establishment, and this technology will be supporting the nurturing of these projects and appropriate activities. This partnership will be encouraging strong projects to obtain efficient policies and come up with evident results for the countries that are part of the UNESCO. This project is called “My UNESCO.” By organizing the project  “My UNESCO” via blockchain technology and ICT strategy, UNESCO and TrustVerse will contribute to the formation of a donation platform that is appropriate for UNESCO’s funding for the projects and is within the boundaries of the UNESCO policies. It is believed that this cooperation will be helping the increase of UNESCO program management and create awareness for UNESCO’s global contribution and demands. UNESCO aims to form peace with the help of international collaboration in the field of Education, Science, and Culture. Blockchain News