TronWatch Market (TWM) Crypto Exchange Finally Launched, Now Available on TRON Mainnet

Justin Sun, a college student, invested a year’s tuition fees on Bitcoin in 2011 and sold it during the bullish trends. This marked the rise of Justin Sun, the entrepreneur, who was also handpicked by Jack Ma for the Hupan University of Entrepreneurship. Sun created Peiwo, the Snapchat of China, and TRON, one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies. Since its inception, TRON has always been in the news, and always for the right reasons. The Tron Foundation, the token’s governing body, has been working continuously to enhance usability and expand its user base. Also, TRON has been among the tokens which have been taking giant strides in terms of crypto adoption. One of the most awaited events in the crypto space off late was the launch of TronWatch Market DEx; a decentralized exchange focused at trading TRON. The crypto exchange was finally launched on Wednesday, May 1st, and its already in the news. The announcement came via the exchange’s official Twitter handle, which stated that it was finally available on the TRON Mainnet. The TRON platform is one of the most preferred platforms by developers and has witnessed a large number of activities since its launch. The TronWatch Crypto Exchange is created by experienced developers from various countries like the US, the UK, Canada, and Germany. Within hours of its launch, TronWatch added STEEL Token, about which the exchange informed via another tweet. TronWatch Exchange shared a blog on, listing the details of the launch. It stated, After many months of development and hard work, the TRON Community is now able to trade their Mainnet tokens and TRX on TronWatch Market. The exchange also wrote that the new platform would support limit and market orders, a custom token for the trade of unofficially listed tokens, open-sourced smart contracts, modular layout system, security audit, etc. It further added, With this release, we would like to ensure our community that development will not halt. We will continue to push frequent Frontend updates along with Backend API updates accordingly to make sure we bring the best possible trading experience to TRON-based traders. The release of TronWatch is an important event for the TRON Community as a whole. The new DEx aims at making the TRON Community open-sourced in a way that anyone could contribute to the project. Especially, the launch of TronWatch is quite important from the online gaming and gambling perspective, as the TRON has been among the most preferred tokens by gamblers and gamers. Earlier today, online competitive gaming platform Intergalactic Gaming announced on Twitter that it has entered in a strategic partnership with TronWatch. In its blog on, Intergalactic Gaming stated that its users would be able to trade IGG, the native currency of the platform with TRX on TronWatch. It further wrote, As a community, we have witnessed numerous Partners come on board, both endemic and non-endemic to esports. As we journey through our proposed roadmap, we will continue to see many organizations joining the IG ecosystem, and subsequently adopting the TRON protocol. We will collectively work together to tokenize the world! Cryptocurrency Exchange News