Tron Price Still Under Market Pressure; Price Drops To $0.015

Tron price was seen taking a massive drop in the last couple of days. The fall in the coin is tremendous and devastating. The traders are losing hope in TRX coin. During the previous week, Tron was seen rising. The same helped the coin to increase the Market Cap. At that time, Tron was seen at 13th position in the list of top cryptocurrencies. Well, the drop brought coin back to 14th rank. The indications of recovery in price are extremely thin. To understand the momentum of the TRX coin, let’s have a look at the price chart. TRX to USD Price Comparison: TRX Price Chart by TradingView Looking at the above Tron chart, the coin opened at $0.015. Yesterday, the price of the coin fell from $0.0159 to $0.0153 by 3.94%. Later, the Tron price again fell from $0.015560 to $0.015149 by 2.64%. The price of the TRX coin hovers around $0.0156. Then, the coin jumped from $0.015349 to $0.015721 by 2.42%. Tron couldn’t hold itself at this level and fell. There were few ups and downs in the coin during the second half of the day. TRX coin closed at $0.015594. The intraday regression was of almost 2.12%. Today, Tron coin opened at $0.015594. The currency fell immediately after opening. Tron price counters changed from $0.015594 to $0.015196. The fall was of 2.55%. There is a slight recovery in the TRX price as it is dealing at $0.015500. Current Statistics of Tron: Particulars TRON Price 0.015500 USD ROI 655.81% Rank 14 Market Cap 1,033,798,556 USD 24-Hour Volume 451,000,302 USD Circulating Supply 66,682,072,191 TRX As per the current price trend and TRON Price Prediction, the present scenario is disappointing for the Tron. Traders are recommended to stay put. It would be best to wait for some stability and then decide the size of investment. TRON (TRX) News