Tron Price Analysis: Tron (TRX) Price Plunge Continues; TRX at $0.021

Tron (TRX) was on cloud nine when the CEO of Tron Ecosystem, Justin Sun cracked the opportunity of having a lunch meeting with Warren Buffett. The loyal traders and the parent company had high hopes. The same caused an upsurge in the coin which was witnessed in the first week of July. Apparently, the expectations went futile. The coin badly suffered in the market’s downtrend. Now, the entire burden of upsurge is on the current month. We are quite positive that the brains behind the coin would come up with some certain plan for the price of Tron to have few notches up. If we look at the current momentum, then there is a sign of improvement. The same could sustain and build a nice ground for price rally in the coin. You can find more Future TRX Price Prediction at our forecast section. But for now, let’s see the current statistics of Tron (TRX). TRX/USD Price Chart: The price analysis of the coin is done with the help of the Trading View chart taken on 07th August 2019, at 07:28:57 UTC. Tron Price Chart The three-day chart is reflecting a downtrend in the coin. On 5th August, the coin was trading around $0.022. It booked a progression of 1.49% as the digits changed from $0.0224 to $0.0228. The coin immediately dropped too. The downfall was of 3.36% as the coin changed from $0.0228 to $0.0220. The day ended with an upsurge of 1.61% at $0.0228. Yesterday, the coin booked a downtrend. The opening price was $0.0228. The coin slipped to $0.0222 having a slight fall of 2.59%. There was a recovery of 3.33% as the coin jumped from $0.0222 to $0.0229. The major drop brought the price to $0.0214 from $0.0229 by 6.41%. The intraday loss was 4.88% as the coin closed at $0.0217. Today, the coin opened at $0.021. The escalation marked was 1.25% as the price climbed to $0.021. Current Statistics of Tron: Particulars Tron (TRX) Price $0.002173 ROI 430.42% Rank 29 Market Cap $357,665,009 Circulating Supply 120,676,602,040 TRX 24hr Volume $26,037,760 Tron Price Prediction and Conclusion: Tron Ecosystem has already announced a buyback of the coin. The currency is anticipated to have an upsurge soon. The upcoming business ventures of the Tron Ecosystem are likely to be flourishing. We are anticipating that the coin would touch $0.060 by the end of 2019. The long-term investment would be best suited for the coin. The longer period is likely to bring a huge positive change in the coin. The traders would be seen earning a huge outlay. TRON (TRX) News