Tron Holds Number One Position on Blockchain Activity Matrix

Tron and its CEO Justin Sun have always stood by the motto that technical prowess makes one the king in the digital asset industry. Their belief has come true; Tronscan declared that Tron is on the peak of the Blockchain Activity Matrix. Tronscan tweeted, Blockchain Activity Matrix measures cryptocurrencies based on their activity, 7-day average, total record, market cap, and AVI. According to the TRX Forecast and stats, Tron (TRX) was found to have an overall activity of 1.68 million, and a 7-day average of 1.3764 million and total record for Tron was at 5.306 million. Tron was way ahead of KIN token, which held the second rank, with an activity index of 1.094 million. The 7-day average of KIN was much lower than Tron’s, holding at 932,083. The most shocking fact is that Tron is far ahead of the most popular Bitcoin, which holds the 4th position. Bitcoin’s activity index was at 790,741, while the 7-day average was at 754,087. The total record was 1.178 million, whereas the world’s biggest cryptocurrency had a total market cap of $170 billion. Only three significant cryptocurrencies feature in the top ten positions; Ethereum being the third one. The second-largest virtual currency, Ethereum is at 6th position on the Blockchain Activity Matrix with an activity index of 656.714. The 7-day average for ETH was 672.577, with a total record of 1.372 million. Ethereum is currently trading at $185.39, with a total market cap of $20.1 billion. TRON (TRX) News