Trace Labs and AppsPro in Partnership to Offer a Blockchain-based Solution to Oracle Users

A new partnership has been initiated between Trace labs, a blockchain development, and application company and AppsPro, a prominent service provider for Oracle Solutions. The venture will offer an open-sourced blockchain solution based on OriginTrail protocol to the users of Oracle in the government and private sector. Origin Trail protocol has been built by Core Company Trace labs, which develops robust blockchain technology solutions and enables scalable data transfer for the supply chain through its expertise. AppsPro provides advanced and customized IT solutions to its customers by integrating into their systems. It is a Premium partner of Oracle and is widely spread across Middle East countries, partnering several successful projects in Saudi Arabia. Bytes from Official spokespersons of AppPro and Trace Labs General Manager Rani Abu-Shaar at AppsPro said, “This partnership enables us to offer easy to implement, out of the box blockchain solutions to our customers. Having a strong blockchain partner is a key part of staying ahead of the market in terms of the technology and IT solutions offered to the customers.” General Manager of Trace Labs Jurij Skornik commented, “We see a lot of interest in the adoption of the next generation of the data exchange solutions, where trust is an inherent part of the technology. We first partnered with Oracle in 2018 and have since then, been closely involved in its ecosystem, presented our solutions at their events, and worked directly with Oracle’s clients. Partnership with AppsPro expands that reach, especially in the Arab market, which has high growth potential.” Existent Protocol implementation  Currently, the OriginTrail blockchain protocol has been implemented by a business verification company (BSI). It includes an authority certification and standard verifications for the know-how details of a Halal Poultry for a Food manufacturer in Europe, and for a fashion label, Avery Dennison’s to avoid imitation of its original works. AppsPro customers will now be able to use the Origin trail Protocol to trace end to end transactions in the supply chain. The peer to peer sharing of data will now provide more security and transparency to their businesses. Trace Labs Based in Hong Kong, Trace Labs is a blockchain developer and distributed ledger technology company. It provides blockchain-based solutions to various sectors, including the corporates and governments. AppsPro AppsPro is based in the Middle East and is functional to offer cutting edge IT-based solutions at the lowest possible costs. Blockchain News