Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Resumes Slowing Trends After Rising Up to $0.085 Yesterday

Stellar may move from $0.083 to $0.090 in the next 2 weeks Stellar makes new updates enabling quick development on the platform Stellar (XLM) is at the brim of making a drastic movement now and it may be a positive one. The market analysts expect the coin to move from $0.083 to $0.100 in the next few weeks and this may happen with the recent technological updates on the platform. The current market performance may not look very progressive but it may turn into a rising one soon. Stellar Lumens Current Statistics: In the last one month, XLM token has recorded a downtrend of over 22% dipping from $0.107 to its current value at $0.083 as on August 1, 2019 at 04:13:07 UTC. The coin started slumping heavily after July 8 onwards and has not been able to gain much power to move beyond $0.100 again since then. The coin declined from $0.107 to $0.086 and then hit as low as $0.077. it gained a little strength and moved up to $0.096 but dipped soon after to hit $0.081. XLM Chart by TradingView The price of the coin is now $0.083 and 0.00000834 BTC The market cap of the coin stands at $1,642,192,712 The 24 h volume has reached $88,902,960 The ROI of the coin stands at 2,708.64% The circulating supply of the coin is 19,617,691,458 XLM XLM moved as high as $0.085 yesterday but then slumped back again to trade around $0.081 today. The coin is not able to find a strong grip to keep moving at a higher side for quite some time now. Stellar Price Prediction: XLM needs a strong technological update, partnership support, or a big announcement that can bring it out of the $0.080 loop. The coin has shown exponential trends only in the month of June since the start of the year and it needs more such months to entice new investors and users on the platform. As per our XLM Price Prediction, the price may rise up to $0.090 in the next few weeks and close this month trading above $0.100. Conclusion: Stellar token is a good investment in the long run. The coin is now showing stability and may start yielding profits soon. Stellar (XLM) News