Stellar Price Analysis: The Validators Voted For Protocol 11 Upgrade!

Finally, it happened! The validators voted on the favor of Protocol 11 upgrade. Jed McCaleb, Co-founder of Stellar Lumens recently tweeted confirming the news and also advised the users to upgrade on the same before they run a node or use an SDK. Stellar is moving swiftly to a new era where they are attracting more and more users to the protocol 11 will keep the networking private and safe. Let’s see if the news has affected the xlm price analysis today. Stellar Price Analysis on 11th June 2019: The value of Stellar is trading at $0.12182 at 5:51 UTC on 11th June 2019. It seems that it might take time for the people to get used to upgraded Protocol 11. As of now, the market is in a slight dip since yesterday. The remaining essentials are as follows: Return on Investment 4003.09% Market Ranking 10 Circulating Supply 19,332,416,641 XLM Total Supply 105,062,532,892 XLM Market Cap 2,360,394,767 USD 24 Hour Volume 320,893,138 USD XLM Price Comparison: Considering the 5 days data, the price right now is inking below the baseline. The highest value was realized on 7th June trading at $0.1302 and lowest on realized on 9th June with XLM price trading at $0.1167. The Stellar price has dropped by 6% of the highest and increased by 4% from the lowest. Traders are just hoping that it does not hit rock bottom again. Stellar has been performing well on the shorter-term trading, but traders following the trend from one year now, know that Stellar still needs to buckle to the upward direction. 11th June 2018, the value was trading at $0.2491, and now dropped by 51%. Let’s hope for the best! Stellar Price Prediction & Conclusion: Stellar is hoped to buckle to the bullish swamp, and thus it will be safer for the traders to play in resistance and support levels. It is difficult to say that it will reach $1 by the end of the year. But it might reach to $0.5. As per our experts and Stellar Forecast, we hope that with an increase in supplies, the XLM price might increase soon! Stellar (XLM) News