Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction: Stellar Fans Need to be Bothered; Recovery Chances are Bleak

Stellar coin (XLM) is a part of an open sourced, distributed and community-owned Stellar network. This network was created by Jed McCaleb in 2014. The stellar platform facilitates the transfer of cross-asset value. The major USP of this coin is the minimum expenditure attached to it. The aim and vision of this coin are to connect all the global financial institutions and facilitate transfers with immediate effect. It aims to mitigate the long-time taken for the transactions to be done. Current Statistics- Stellar Coin (XLM) Indices (04:54 UTC) Rank 9th ROI 3,240.15% Current Supply 19,075,200,878 XLM Market Cap 1,900,916,475 USD Value in USD 0.099654 USD Value in BTC 0.00001882 BTC 24 h Volume 184,135,714 USD Comparison- Stellar coin (XLM) has been subject to price fluctuations since the start of 2019. The value in USD grew for some days and took a steep dip to the lowest point of the year at 0.07 USD on February 7th. The highest ever price was reached 7 days after the 1st April boom. It was 0.1344 USD on April 08th. Since then the value has also been showing a downward movement. The market cap on 29th March was 2,074,908,711 USD. The value of each coin was 0.107854 USD and 0.00002651 BTC. The current market cap is 8.38 % less than the market cap of last month. And the value of each coin in USD has deflated by 7.60 % in these 30 days. Prediction- As mentioned earlier the value of each Stellar coin (XLM) is being traded around 0.1 USD. The value of Stellar coin is now going through the price correction stage. As per XLM Prediction, we predict the value to rise as high as 0.12 USD in the coming weeks. The next resistance should be at 0.12 USD. The medium-term and long-term outlook is bullish. By the end of 2019, Stellar coin (XLM) will reach 0.3 USD. The value will reach as high as 1.5 USD by the end of 2020. Both the medium-term and long-term outlook is bullish. Conclusion- We advise the short-term investors to make the buying now at the best possible price. The value will be at a peak in a few days. The long-term investors’ patience could pay them almost twice the investment value as a dividend if they chose to retain their holding till 2020. Stellar (XLM) News