Stellar Expected to Fetch a Profitable Intraday Closing

Stellar (XLM) reflects heavy growth in the price Intraday trading seems to reflect positive results Stellar has taken a distinctive walk in the market. The opening hours reflected a heavy drop in the price, accounting for almost 2.65% fall which seems to be vanished as of now. The current price movement is showing a noticeable speed and we are anticipating a profitable close. According to the price prediction of Stellar, the coin was seen dealing at a high of $0.064837 and a low of $0.061611. Let’s have a look at the current price chart of the XLM coin to understand the momentum precisely. XLM Price Analysis: XLM Price Chart By TradingView In the month of August, the price started trading at $0.0867. Later, the coin was seen slipping and it went down till $0.0626 by the month-end marking a regression of 25.29%. In September, Stellar kept the downtrend intact which took the price to $0.059 from $0.062 by 5.99%. Later, the price jumped to $0.090 from $0.059 marking a progression of 53.05%. Later, the price slipped to $0.0525 by 42.63%. The escalation in price took place in the last few days of the month when the price changed from $0.0525 to $0.0623 by 18.70%. The ongoing month took the Stellar price up after a few bumps in the middle when the counters jumped from $0.0623 to $0.0665 by 7.25%. The immediate resistance level seems achievable. The price might jump to breach the next level too. The improvement in the price is quite relieving and the future of investment in XLM holds high expectations. The traders would be seen booking high profits in the coming days. Resistance Level Price Support Level Price R1 $0.064288 S1 $0.061062 R2 $0.066176 S2 $0.059724 R3 $0.067514 S3 $0.057836 XLM coin is considered volatile in terms of movement. Thus, the recommendation for Stellar is long-term as the short-term is quite dicey as of now. Stellar (XLM) News