Socios Launches Chiliz Token On Binance DEX, Will Use Acronyms For Consumer Communication

Popular football fan-focused platform has announced that it has launched its Chiliz token on the decentralized crypto exchange Binance DEX. The token allows fans to acquire voting rights to influence their favorite clubs. Voting based apps require quick and accurate processing, and tokenization is one of the effective ways of doing it. Binance DEX is the perfect platform for doing so, as it is known to process big payments in a matter of seconds at really low transfer fees. For instance, it completed a transaction of about $1.2 billion in BNB, in a jaw-dropping 1.1 seconds, and for a fee as low as $0.015, which proves its mettle. Also, being decentralized helps the platform to be unbiased in the fan-based voting. In addition to this, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of, stated that the company will use the acronym (BinanceDEX: $CHZ) in all its future consumer-facing communications, much like what other companies do who are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, EURNEX, etc. is a blockchain based tokenized voting platform from Malta, which allows fans to have an influence on their favorite teams. Its mobile app gives fans a chance to engage with the teams by using the branded tokens. Currently, Socios is the official partner of world famous football clubs like Juventus, West Ham United, and Paris Saint-German. Binance DEX is a decentralized crypto exchange belonging to the Binance Chain ecosystem. The DEX has become a popular choice in the crypto space off late, for its excellent usability, lower transaction times, and affordability. After launching CHZ on Binance DEX, Socios has partnered with famous eSports team OG, which is the first Dota 2 teams to win four Dota Major Championships. Binance DEX