Sigmachain Organizes “Foundation Conference” In Seoul

The leading tech giant, Sigmachain, recently garnered a lot of attention from the financial space as it proudly hosted the “Foundation Conference” in collaboration with the Sigmachain Network Alliance partners in the capital city of Seoul on November 2, 2019. The event was graced by eminent personalities from the several partner firms of SNA. Nearly 100 firms belonging to different spheres like media, AI, fashion, etc. attended the event for lending their support to Sigmachain. According to the news, during the event, Mr. Denis Oh, the honorable Vice President of Sigmachain, shared his views and ideas about the highly anticipated Futurepia mainnet solution through an informative presentation. He highlighted the role played by the Block Producers in the decentralized ecosystem and gave a special mention of the lucrative benefits they will be bestowed upon for their participation in the block production process. The Deputy Manager, Mr. Jae Kim, discussed the DApp entrance policy in response to the launch of the second DApp on the Futurepia mainnet named LFIX Shop. He bragged about the merits of the solution for the DApp developers and development toolkits, which are provided by the Futurepia platform. The event also marked the selection process of the executive members, including the President of the Sigmachain Network Alliance. Founded on March 7th, the Sigmachain Network Alliance operates as an individual entity, and this led to the formation of a separate team for the SNA. Apart from the informative sessions, the attendees enjoyed a light conversing session, too, which comprised of refreshments and a “Random SNAC Coupon Event.” The users had to scan the event QR Code via their SNAC app to win a random coupon, which helped them win SNAC Tokens worth 100-1,000,000. About Sigmachain Network Alliance: Sigmachain launched the “Sigmachain Network Alliance” project to proliferate its operability to different domains. It aimed to expand their mainnet access to businesses and enterprises along with the spreading of blockchain technology to every corner of the world. Blockchain News