Shapeshift CEO Reveals Rebrand Plans at ETHDenver

In these lows of the bear market, there are a few crypto firms which have been consistent with their game. One such crypto exchange platform, Shapeshift has decided to go through some major changes. The Swiss-based crypto exchange has revealed its plan to ‘Rebrand’ itself. The CEO of Shapeshift, Erik Vorhees announced that his company would undergo a major rebranding exercise in 2019. He made the declaration at the ETHDenver, an Ethereum developer conference in Colorado this weekend. The rebranding process will initiate its first step on Monday, February 17, 2019. On Monday, the exchange will start holding a closed beta programme for selected users allowing them to test out a new and improved version of the cryptocurrency exchange firm. With that, The exchange is intended to enhance the user experience. Here, the CMO of ShapeShift, Emily Coleman provided the details of the new version. She said that the new version is designed to make the user interface easier and synchronizing with all the products of Shapeshift such as its cryptocurrency pricing tracker CoinCap. The new version will also offer better interoperability with ShapeShift’s cryptocurrency hardware wallet KeepKey. Notably, Shapeshift was established since 2014 under Erik Voorhees, who is named ‘Bitcoin’s Last Gunslinger’ by Forbes. Voorhees has also confirmed the rebrand on Twitter. Also, at the ETHDenver, when the panelists were asked about their toughest decision regarding the business, Voorhees answered, “If you’re going to be a company in the crypto industry, you’re attached to the severe market cycles of the industry. That’s full of good and bad.” He said that the hardest decision he had to take was the introduction of know-your-customer protocols on the exchange. Moreover, the exchange is also making a not so harsh but noticeable changing move. A blog post notes that the firm had reworked its logo, typeface, color palette, and imagery. Apart from that, ShapeShift has recently unveiled that it plans to release a crypto-centric documentary series, which will be out on February 26th. This series will allow users to have a look into the lives of crypto’s foremost revolutionaries and diehards. The CEO of Shapeshift has also clarified that the firm will integrate its controversial Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. ShapeShift