Roger Ver, the Executive Chairman of assesses Bitcoin and Lightning Network

Roger Ver is the Executive Chairman of Two years prior, because of a hard fork of the Bitcoin protocol, Bitcoin Cash was launched. It was empowered to Bitcoin executives and the developers not approving to more prominent block size. From that point onwards, Roger has been the greatest critic of the Bitcoin network. While his remarks have a hit a string with the Bitcoin Cash group and may have lead to few laughable comments, Bitcoin supporters came back with smart reactions. Bitcoin Cash has followers across the world in countries like Australia, Europe, and even India, where the experts have chosen the anti-bitcoin position. Ver accepts that individuals accepting involvement in Bitcoin Cash is higher when it is compared against Bitcoin. We can read his Comment on the Lightning Network on his latest tweet, Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that Bitcoin Lightning Network is still in the testing stage and from a long-time, its launch has been postponed a few times. Nonetheless, an honest supporter of the Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver chose to attack the technology because he accepts that the system has no prospects toward the beginning and the years to come. Block size and scalability are the two most discussed topics for crypto lovers. Bitcoin intended to scale with an off-chain arrangement known as the Lightning Network (LN) however, and Bitcoin Cash defenders support an on-chain adaptable Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash forked from the first Bitcoin network due to disparities with how to scale discrepancy. Roger Ver, the greatest supporter of Bitcoin cash and a fork coin defender, has never been reticent about voicing his difference with Bitcoin group individuals and the layer two payment protocols over the Bitcoin blockchain. This remark comes when Lightning Network’s technology has seen developing reception, even among low key crypto-based move-outs. While the technology is still in its developmental stages, Lightning Network is viewed as an essential tool to increase the scalability of Bitcoin. On the second level, Lightning Bitcoin Network Protocol needs to keep running over the Bitcoin blockchain to empower a quicker and cheaper transaction. This idea is not once talked about as a long term solution for the issues of adaptability of the primary cryptocurrency, which clearly shows that there is no faith and understanding, which is running out. The Lightning Network is relied upon to help Bitcoin to reach the number of transactions, like a great many exchanges for each second, without clogging the leading network. Besides, the expectation is to process micropayments, which is something unachievable with the current bitcoin network. Roger Ver News