Robert E. Kahn Affirms That Parallel Blockchain of Hyperchain Technology Ltd. And Paralism Are the Driving Forces

Finding a person who is unaware of the Internet in today’s globalized world is the most surprising thing one can come across. The system, which was introduced as a medium of exchange between different countries, has undergone several phases of development to evolve as the strongest and the most efficient storehouse of information and channelization. With the launch of Bitcoin crypto coin, blockchain technology surfaced in the financial domain. It garnered quite a lot of attention from the industry rulers because of its strategically relevant attributes and eminent features which place it a notch higher in comparison to other technologies. Up until now, the development phase of the Internet as technology has achieved protocol interconnection, content interconnection, and interpersonal interconnection. Interestingly, the development of blockchain terminology has fueled the claims of the Internet gearing up to its fourth phase of development, i.e., Value Interconnection. Recently, Paralism founder, the honorable Chairman of Hyperchain Information technology Co., Ltd., parallel blockchain creator and founder Shi Xingguo along with Robert E. Kahn, who is well-known as the “father of the internet” had a strategically informative discussion during a conference about the role of blockchain technology on the development of the internet. As per Robert, the next-generation Internet should be fully decentralized and develop a channel between the several chain networks. In the absence of this, the present blockchain system will be rendered suppressed as it will fail to cater to the requirements of the global value Internet. Robert affirmed that Paralism and the Hyperchain community chosen parallel blockchain have the potential to evolve as the “TCP/IP” of the fourth generation of value Internet. This generation of the Internet will comprise of an ownership layer that will safeguard information value inheritance and consumption. These processes will be managed on the blockchain network. He added that there exists an urgent requirement to find a perfect solution for the data economy and privacy problems that are popping up in the present scenario. Robert stated that Parallel blockchain could aid this problem-solving process easily. During the conference, he has unveiled the project named Next Generation Internet Critical Infrastructure Technology Architecture DOA (Digital Object Architecture). He advocated that the Parallel blockchain which lends support to the Paralism platform can also support DOA projects efficiently. It aids in building a solution for data collection, pricing, traceability, and value delivery. Blockchain News