Ripple (XRP) Price Exhibits 3% Hike Overnight

The crypto market is currently lifting the heavy pressure. The same has given a chance for the coins to improve. The top guns of the altcoin market like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc. were also trading with the pullback pressure and now there is a ray of hope for the improvement. Today, Ripple is on the dramatic move. The growth prospect is still hanging in the hearts of the traders. If we look like yesterday’s price movement, XRP price was spotted dealing at a high of $0.1927 and a low of $0.1885. The volume market in Ripple was $1,151,157,499. However, today, Ripple is dealing with the market cap of $8,396,034,780 and 24-hour volume of $1,189,290,691. Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD Chart By TradingView Yesterday, Ripple to USD started the day at $0.190. The price slipped to $0.188 by a marginal 0.66%. The coin locked itself at the same level, but later, Ripple price dropped to $0.185 by 2.15%. Then, the price escalated to $0.190 by 2.90%. The XRP coin locked itself at the same level and further escalated to $0.190 from $0.189 by 0.47%. The intraday movement in the Ripple coin reflected a 0.23% price escalation. Today, the coin began the day with upsurge. The price counters moved from $0.190 to $0.193 by 1.40% hike. The currency slipped to $0.191 by 0.89%. After that, the XRP price moved to $0.194. Currently, Ripple coin has already violated the immediate resistance level at $0.193. In the coming hours, the coin is speculated to breach the next resistance level at $0.194. The intraday traders are likely to close with a good digit in Ripple. Resistance Level Price R1 $0.193039 R2 $0.194977 R3 $0.197245 Support Level Price S1 $0.188833 S2 $0.186565 S3 $0.184627 Ripple is a high potential coin, and the future of the currency looks quite promising. We would suggest the traders invest in the long-term investment for a better return. You can check out our XRP Price Forecast to know more about the future prices of XRP coin. Ripple (XRP) News