Ripple Price Exhibits Growth Despite Bearish Trend

Ripple is riding the bull today; the last couple of days has been quite a power-packed for the traders. The coin used to open with a positive digit and close with a negative. The pattern used to reverse for someday and thus the traders were amid a mix. Ripple has broken the pattern and is booking uptrend on the second day in the row. Yesterday, Ripple touched the highest at $0.253503 and the lowest at $0.244366. The volume marked was at $1,043,933,395. Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Chart By TradingView The chart is taken from TradingView on October 04, 2019, at 10:14:53 UTC. Ripple started dealing at $0.254 and the price fell to $0.247 by 2.53% within the first few hours. The fall continued and took the price to $0.243 from $0.250 by 3.06%. The coin immediately recovered and brought it up to $0.249 by 2.74%. The day closed at $0.247, with an intraday regression of 2.50%. Today, XRP opened with an escalation of 0.99% from $0.247 to $0.250. Ripple fell moderately but again started moving up. The escalation took it to $0.250 from $0.246 by 1.74% and later to $0.254 from $0.250 by 1.63%. The data is reflecting that the coming days would bring an upsurge in the market. The currency has a high prospect of beginning the price rally. The interested traders of Ripple are recommended to opt for long-term investment. The short-term would be profitable, but the expected result is likely to be attained in the long run. Ripple (XRP) News