Ripple Fetches the Jackpot, Grows by 17.16% Overnight

Ripple gains 17.16% in the last 24 hours to touch $0.30. The next resistance for XRP may come at $0.33. Ripple has made a tremendous move in the last 24 hours by growing 17.16%. The value has now touched $0.30. The four price swings denote the growth story of XRP coin. By showing strength yesterday, it has become one of the early coins to start recovery. Ripple Price Analysis The initial hours for Ripple were constant, with no significant changes. However, the first swing started at 07:36 UTC and over the next 4 hours and 55 minutes, XRP price grew by 6.21% to touch $0.2778. The second variation happened between 13:42 UTC and 16:45 UTC and it gave Ripple a push of 9.35% to place it at $0.2987. However, from there it showed some signs of weakness and by 23:58 UTC, XRP lost $0.0138 and fell to $0.2849. But towards the closing, it took a plunge and reached $0.3115 by 01:59 UTC today. Ripple Chart By TradingView Ripple’s increment in the last 24 hours is tremendous and commendable. It is likely to sustain this growth and the recovery process is here to continue. The next resistance for Ripple may come at $0.33. Following are the calculated resistance and support levels for XRP coin. Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels 1st Resistance $0.29961 2nd Resistance $0.314207 3rd Resistance $0.333858 1st Support Level $0.265362 2nd Support Level $0.245711 3rd Support Level $0.231114 Ripple (XRP) News