Republic Opens Doors for Fundraising and Investment for Startup Projects

The cryptocurrency arena has gained a lot of popularity over the years, which has eventually led to major participation from investors in the industry. The marketspace is flooded with startup projects which enter the sector to gain the trust of the investors to pool in funds from them for the successful execution of their projects. Are you someone who always wanted to invest in a startup but stopped because of the legal complexities involved therein? This fear restrains a major section of society from investing in a startup. Investing in a startup entails a suite of procedures which are needed to be followed before making the big investment in any concerned project. In May 2016, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission launched Title III of the JOBS Act, which allowed a major section of the US population to make investments in startups. To simplify the process of fundraising and investment in a startup, a team of dedicated professionals started a regulated crowdfunding platform, Republic. The platform was founded by alumni of AngelList, the world’s biggest digital investment solution for accredited investors. The funding portal and the broker-dealers of Republic are registered under the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and are members of FINRA. Republic offers a complete stack of fundraising offerings in the crypto industry and strives to democratize startup fundraising and to invest in the global parlance. The expert team of the platform delivers the best services to the customers who come from their long experience in online fundraising, business, law, community building, investment, etc. The major problems faced by startups Funding is an inevitable part of the success route for a startup. A startup trying to pool in funds for its operations has to face several hurdles. However, with the launch of the Republic, these cumbersome processes became simplified and user-friendly in a big way. The deployment of the collected funds often becomes quite confusing for a startup as different team members try to employ the funds in their areas of interest. Making a decision about prioritizing a particular area becomes difficult in such chaotic situations. Building a team that would lead the startup to the ladder of success is also a challenging task for the new entrants. Deciding the customer acquisition cost is a major concern for startups as it is of utmost importance to attract more and more customers at a minimal cost. Startups struggle to build a sense of trust in the minds of the customers towards their products. The selection of the right investors is also an important challenge for any startup to become successful in the long run. The role of the Republic in strengthening startup funding Republic offers an array of efficient tools and instruments which help in achieving your aimed fundraising goals. By adopting the mechanics of the Republic platform, one gets exposed to a large user base, which helps in increasing the popularity of the startup project. The platform aids in selling the products, building connections with VCs, and increased attention from the press. The Republic community consists of more than 250,000 experts, including angel investors, influencers, and connectors. These investors help in popularizing the startup through their sources, provide guidance in their field of interest, and help in maintaining contacts with their connections. The tools offered by the Republic platform helps efficiently in managing the investors. Also, the Crowd SAFE feature is VC-approved and so it puts in no effect on the present or future funding rounds. A startup firm can enjoy the benefits of the Republic at an affordable fee, including 6% cash + 2% of the securities sold. Republic partners with Hydro Labs According to a recent announcement made by Hydro Labs, the leading blockchain payment and identity technology provider has joined hands with Republic Advisory Services. The collaboration will help in strengthening the adoption rate of Hydro Labs products along with the providing of necessary guidance for fundraising and global partnerships. Hydro Labs aims to popularize its products- Hydro Pay, Hydro Vault, and Hydro Drive by allowing the customers to enjoy blockchain secured payment settlements, savings, lending, and borrowings, etc. Finance News