Ontology (ONT) Moves Under Heavy Market Volatility

Ontology price keeps the fluctuation intact The volatility in the ONT coin creates chaos among the intraday traders The market has been under heavy pressure for quite a long time. And, from last few days, the intraday fluctuation has been skyrocketed. The intraday traders are very disappointed by the same as it puts them at hefty risk. If we look at yesterday’s statistics of Ontology, the price was seen touching a high at $0.915275 and a low at $0.886811. The volume of the coin was marked as $155,453,518. Ontology Price Analysis Yesterday, the coin started with a heavy fall of 4.20%. The counters moved from $0.912 to $0.873. The same improved and took the ONT price to $0.907 and fell again to $0.877. The similar pick and drop took place again, and the Ontology price jumped to $0.913 and slipped to $0.886. The closing hours also experience a similar movement. The coin escalated to $0.915 by 3.20% and then fell to $0.897 by 1.93%. The intraday movement in the ONT price registered a regression of 1.60%. Today, it started the day with a slight fall of 0.42%. The price shifted from $0.897 to $893 by 0.42%. Further, the coin escalated to $0.920 by 3.03%. The currency couldn’t hold itself and fell to $0.887. Recently, the Ontology price has again picked up. The coin moved to $0.915 by 3.18%. ONT Chart By TradingView The second month of the last quarter is about to complete the week. Ontology was at $0.86 on November 01, and today, it is at $0.91. The market cap on November 01 was at $487,755,841, and today it is at $519,375,457. The escalation amid the heavy fluctuation is evident. This is a sign of a great potential coin that might bring a colossal return in the future. Resistance Level Price R1 $0.918478 R2 $0.931109 R3 $0.946942 Support Level Price R1 $0.890014 R2 $0.874181 R3 $0.86155 The traders who invested in Ontology are recommended to hold their investment for a while. The coin is anticipated to give a good return, but this is not the right time for investment. For new investors, we recommend checking out Ontology Prediction to get more knowledge about the future prices of ONT coin. Ontology (ONT) News