OKEx Announces JUST Token Airdrop for TRON holders, in a Phased Manner Till October 2020

Renowned crypto trading platform OKEx announced on Monday that it is supporting the JUST Token airdrop for TRX holders. The giveaway will be in a phased manner and will begin at midnight on May 20. The Malta-based crypto exchange shared a detailed blog about the airdrop on its website, where it stated that the JUST Foundation would make 2.2% of the total supply available for the airdrop, which equates to 217,800,000 JST. It further said, The distribution of JST tokens will happen on the ratio of TRON held by the users to JUST available on OKEx. JUST is a new age distributed platform, and is already one of the fastest-growing crypto network. According to Dapp.com, JUST had the 3rd highest 24-hour transaction volume in finance dapps, which is a great achievement for a platform that is just a few weeks old. The JUST platform is based on the TRON blockchain and provides decentralized financial solutions to users across the globe. Apart from the native JST coin, the network also has a USD based stablecoin called USDJ, which now has a supply valued at more than $4.2 million. The collateral transactions between TRX and JST have also been quite substantial, with the volumes now exceeding more than $15 million. OKX