NextID to be Zillqa’s Blockchain Verifiable Certification Provider

Decentralized blockchain solutions company, Zilliqa has announced a partnership with the Singaporean digital certification network NextID, to be its blockchain verifiable certification provider. In the official tweet, Zilliqa mentioned that it will use NextID’s innovative product NextCert for all its campaigns and educational initiatives.  Zilliqa is a performance oriented blockchain company that aims to bring academics, engineers, and entrepreneurs together for building a scalability and security focused network. In the official announcement, it stated that the certification from Next ID will add credibility to its platform, which will boost engagement and formalize its skill development courses.  Zilliqa will also utilize NextCert in all of its educational workshops in higher learning institutions. Talking about the collaboration, Chief Commercial Officer at Zilliqa, Colin Miles said that it was necessary to make higher credentials verifiable as frauds and scams are on the rise. Colin further added that third party verification adds reliability to the quality and source of these credentials.  NextID is an important player in the global identity management market, which is expected to hit $7.3 billion by the end of 2025. The identity management solutions provided by NextID are mainly used in sectors like academia, Human Resource Management, and government services. NextID had, earlier this year, joined hands with Zilliqa for a fundraiser for the Singapore Red Cross. Commenting on them joining Zilliqa as their blockchain verifiable certification provider, Founder and CEO of NextID, Bill Claxton emphasized that large scale enterprise adoption of cryptography for certification is necessary to increase reliability, he further added, Zilliqa (ZIL) News