Newly Launched E-commerce Site DMall Allows Payment in Cryptocurrency

One of the major areas for mainstreaming of cryptocurrency is the online retail market. Though major e-commerce platforms have shied away from allowing payments in cryptocurrency, several small online vendors are accepting digital payments. But Newly Launched e-commerce site allowed to accept payment in cryptocurrency. DragonEx DMall Launched on November 4, 2019, is an e-commerce system. It allows payments in DT, DK, and USDT cryptocurrencies. It gives discounts on payments made in DT and DK. It plans to increase in future both the range of products offered as well as several cryptocurrencies in which customers can make payments. DMall combines with smart contract technology, blockchain distributed ledger, natural nature of digital currency payment, and traditional e-commerce. Other Online Platforms Which Allow Shopping With Cryptocurrency: Forra, an online marketplace, Forra will only accept payments in cryptocurrency. Payments can only be made in Ethereum. It will award ERC20 token to both buyers and sellers, which are redeemable in future purchases. OpenSea Sells digital goods that have some aspect of gaming. Its products include Crypto Kitties, etc. Crypterium allows payments in digital currency. Every account holder is issued a virtual card that is linked to his digital wallet. The card can be added to Android Pay, Apple Pay, etc. It currently allows only Ethereum and Bitcoin. Openbazaar is an open-source, decentralized P2P market place allows payments only in Bitcoin. Shopify, Users can use a plugin to enable their site to accept cryptocurrency. Once the site owner accepts cryptocurrency, you can start making purchases with it. In addition to the ways mentioned above, cryptocurrency can also be spent on buying decentralized apps (DApps) on the network. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Neo allow developers to create DApps, which can then be bought by other users. Spending cryptocurrency on the network also gives users a feel of the entire process of making transactions with digital currency and gives them the confidence to make payments in cryptocurrency outside the network too. Cryptocurrency News