New Lightning Developers Tools Introduced by Radar, a Startup Behind Ethereum DEX

According to a report issued on Friday, 5th April by Medium post, new lightning network developer tools will soon be introduced by Radar, the startup behind the decentralized exchange (DEX). The startup raised a sum of $10 million in funds in the year 2018. Lightning Network is crypto scalability solution which is famous for its BTC application. The idea behind it to facilitate quick as well as free transactions. The developer tools will be launched in the Lightning Network hackathon organized and sponsored by Boltathon. The tool incorporates the configuration helper for setting up a lightning node, a tool for an opening as well as requesting channels and an invoice “playground,” which is a sandbox for testing and an invoice decoder. With the help of invoice sandbox, users can examine if the lightning node can be connected to other nodes. The developer tool will come with setup tutorials, software recommendations along with configuration guides which will let the users access unreleased features and connect via anonymity network. The lightning network is a part of onboarding lightning users of “Radar ION.” The lightning network hackathon conference will allow its participants to examine and use the tools. Radar relay, a product of Radar is known for trading tokens over Ethereum without involving intermediaries in the whole procedure. The Lightning Network is a payment method that works as a second layer on top of a blockchain. Now radar is focusing on their next financial system. The product lead at Radar, Brandon Curtis stated: “We’re constantly scanning the horizon for groundbreaking technologies, last year our R&D team identified lightning as a promising technology, with the potential for more than just payments. While an Ethereum [decentralized application (dapp)] was our first product, our parent brand Radar is focused on building products for our next financial system.” Radar ION introduced these tools along with educational material in order to acquire a large number of new users to Lightning Network.   Radar Relay