Neo Joins Hands with BSN To Promote Blockchain Adoption and Development

Taking pride as a robust open-source platform leveraging blockchain technology to support digitization, NEO has entered into a strategic collaboration with China’s Blockchain-based Services Network, a provider of tools for developers building blockchain solutions. The partnering teams will play a significant role in supporting the mass adoption of blockchain and the realization of its unprecedented service services in designing innovative projects. Neo network will serve as one of the first public blockchains integrated by the BSN team, and it shall work in close proximity with other major players like Chinese State Information Center, China UnionPay and China Mobile to achieve its target. As part of the integration, Neo will be operating in BSN global public city nodes and portals to aid developers in focusing on designing potential products rather than worrying about the problems and complexities. Such efforts will help in encouraging the mass adoption of blockchain and its solutions. From August 10, developers will be able to have access to Neo’s services on BSN’s newly launched international website. The website is studded with an array of features like seamless accessibility, cost-efficiency, and speedy deployment of services. Da Hongfei stated, Founder of Neo, In recent times, blockchain has been accepted as a potential player in the industrial domain. Firms and business entities are striving to exploit the lucrative features offered by the new-age technology by infusing it multiple realms. The BSN toolbox aspires to bring down the high cost associated with blockchain application development and deployment. It provides a public blockchain resource solution for developers where they can use their intelligence to enjoy reduced cost of development, deployment, operation, management, connection, and testing of blockchain use-cases significantly. BSN and NEO’s Joint efforts in three technical fields Neo Node working- BSN will employ Neo MainNet and TestNet node clusters on limited city nodes to experience automatic deployment and horizontal proliferation of node services. This helps them to enjoy a more resilient and efficient wide availability Neo node system. City Node Gateway- It will offer DApp front-end systems facilitating access to Neo nodes. It supports the infusion of Neo SDK in gateway SDKs to enhance the operational capacity of blockchain networks. Neo Middleware Service Inclusion- Neo will collaborate its middleware service elements between dApps and Neo nodes on BSN city nodes. The access of middleware service interfaces via gateways will uplift the efficiency of blockchain solutions. The interested traders willing to enter the crypto domain can seek the help of Bitcoin Storm Trading Software. The automated application helps users to make the best choices by giving them accurate advice based on market scrutiny and price movement of crypto tokens. Blockchain News