Monero [XMR]: Riccardo Spagni Claims Monero’s Client Experience Has Developed To Assemble Better Products

Over the years, core developers say that Monero [XMR] has achieved some great improvements in their privacy and codes. It is considered one of the topmost cryptocurrencies in the market at present for its security and privacy. Although, they have learned and gone through a lot in order to achieve the best security and privacy. Though the years the cryptocurrency has gone under various frauds affecting their system and clients. Riccardo Spagni who is additionally known by his Twitter handle ‘fluffy pony’ the lead maintainer of Monero had a brief interview with Naomi Brockwell in which he mentioned about the privacy currency. He also talked about the five pillars of the privacy aspect of Monero. According to him, these five pillars make Monero the best among other privacy currencies in the space. In the ongoing meeting with Naomi Brockwell, Riccardo Spagni also talked about the utilization instances of the privacy token just as the stamped appropriation of cryptocurrency around the world. As indicated by Spagni, many believe that anything identified with cryptocurrency is illicit when they are indeed not. The core developer seemed proud of the fact that he has been part of the project for a long time and plays an important role in developing the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and bringing the best out of it. He further mentioned that he was one of the very first miners of this privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. Riccardo Spagni who was a part of a seven-member team that mined the cryptocurrency.  According to him, there were many changes that were made in the code that were further implemented by him to overcome all the loopholes of the cryptocurrency. He further went on to say, “Obviously, since then, we’ve implemented many things. So, you know, Monero is now almost five years old and over the course Monero’s history, we’ve made rapid and vast improvements to Monero’s privacy compared to the relatively weak privacy it had at the beginning and then just usability” During his interview, he also shared that the initial codes that were used by the privacy-based cryptocurrency were very poor and really bad which has been improved by the team over the years and have made a great development since then.   Monero (XMR) News