Monero Price Analysis: Development Seems to be The Only Agenda of the Team

Monero (XMR) is going to hold an annual conference on June 22 and 23, at Denver, Colorado. According to Monero (XMR) team, the conference is for all those who are advocates of privacy, entrepreneur, philosopher, and scientists for whom privacy is a fundamental right. They further emphasized that the development of privacy technology is a matter of personal safety, and they expect presenters to emphasize their contribution to privacy technology. Monero Price Current Statistics (On June 08, at UTC 06:52): The current price of Monero is valued at around 86.973 USD. At the same time, XMR price (BTC) is trading at 0.01099798 BTC. Additionally, the altcoin was at 13th position in the cryptocurrency market. The market capitalization of the digital coin was $1,489,380,750. The 24-hrs trading volume in Monero was $121,039,645. With an ROI of 3,435.61%, at the above mentioned time, a total of 17,029,069 XMR chips were in circulation. Monero Price Comparison: On May 14, Monero (XMR) was trading at $83.233. Nevertheless, today after 25-days, the digital coin has strengthened by a marginal amount that accumulates to 4.49%. If you look at the weekly charts, the coin has fallen by 6.31%, from the trading price of 93.09 USD on June 01. Although there is a no vertical movement in Monero as of now, the coin has a relatively stable action in the last few days. Monero Price Prediction: An important thing to remember that crypto space is a slippery slope, where gain and loss occur in a swipe of a finger. Almost after a decade of the genesis of cryptocurrencies, experts are still trying to figure out a definite pattern for predicting the future of digital coins. However, the cryptos focusing on long term projects and developments are more susceptible to sustain the test of the time. And Monero (XMR) is one of those altcoins. According to Monero Forecast, we are expected that by the end of 2019, Monero (XMR) is most probable to trade around 150 USD to 170 USD. Conclusion:  Looking at the volatile market sentiments, at present, avoid trading in the short term. With that said, it will be wise to go in for the long term holdings. Also, the medium term is bullish. Monero (XMR) News