Lykke: Powering your Digital Investments to new High

It is quite difficult to find a cryptocurrency exchange that offers the fast and convenient trading experience and that too without charging any fee from the traders. It might sound impossible, but thanks to the Lykke, you can have a seamless and top-notch trading experience at absolutely free of cost. Just so you know, Lykke is a blockchain-powered best cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Switzerland and has been finding favor with millions of traders and investors owing to its superlative performance at zero trading charges. Products and Services The Exchange Services offered by the Lykke is unique in more than one sense. While you buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies or digital assets on the Lykke platform, you need not worry about the safety and security aspect. Lykke has institutional-standard safety grade mechanisms and the protocol that it follows makes it impossible for any third party to hack into the system or dupe investors. The platform offers a large range of cryptocurrencies that you can transact, which means the investment will not remain limited only to Bitcoin or Ethereum. This specifically comes handy if you want to have a diversified investment portfolio to minimize the risk associated with investing only in one particular cryptocurrency asset. Lykke Wallet Another important convenient feature offered by the Lykke is its wallet called Lykke wallet. The wallet takes the convenience of cryptocurrency transactions to an altogether new level by allowing investors to purchase cryptocurrency using their credit cards or even bank wire transactions. This specifically means you can use your fiat currency in order to buy the digital coins without the hassle of involving any third party into the transactions. The Lykke wallet is protected through world-class safety standards, which means complete peace of mind for investors. You can easily transfer your crypto assets through the wallet, which is another important convenience when it comes to trading in cryptocurrency assets. The wallet also allows you to convert your cryptocurrency into the fiat currency and get the immediate withdrawal from the account in case you encounter some emergency and require money to tackle the situation. Lykke Index For new investors, it might be difficult to decide the particular cryptocurrency to invest in. If you are also facing such a problem, then the cryptocurrency index conceptualized by Lykke, called Lykke Index (LyCI), can be of great help to make superior investment decisions. The index is calculated by consolidating the performance of 25 major cryptocurrencies over a period of time and helps investors to make informed decisions while buying or selling cryptocurrencies. The measure is easy to read and analyze and, more importantly, provides a snapshot of the performance of cryptocurrencies in one easily understandable, single index. Pay LyCI and Smart LyCI In fact, buoyed by the response of LyCI, Lykke also launched Pay LyCI and Smart LyCI. While former is the index of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that can be utilized in buying and selling goods and services, the latter identify blockchain projects enhancing the utility of contractual agreements to settle the transactions. Further, to enhance the impact of IT services and financial product offerings, Lykke has recently announced its partnership with Koinly that is the leading service provider in the domain of cryptocurrency taxation. This partnership will help Lykke investors to analyze the tax liabilities related to cryptocurrencies for having an effortless and hassle-free experience. Lykke 2020 Plan After having the eventful year 2019, Lykke is now looking forward to gaining from the various crypto developments expected to happen in this calendar year 2020. The most prominent one is the event of Bitcoin halving, which is expected to change the crypto dynamics in the market.  Also, the possibility of the market might finally get Bitcoin ETF, which has also added to the expansion possibilities of Lykke this year. Further, the Swiss-based cryptocurrency platform is also hopeful of a further rise in the popularity of stablecoin, which indicates a bright and stable future for the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem around the globe. Conclusion In order to power the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem, we require a number of credible cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Lykke is positively contributing to the adoption of digital coins by providing a safe and secure method of cryptocurrency trading. The exchange has garnered rare reviews in 2019 and in this year too; the cryptocurrency platform is looking to power its expansion plans far and wide. Cryptocurrency News