Launching Kurtosis to Fasttrack Development on Avalanche

Avalanche is an optimized open-source platform to launch enterprise blockchain deployments and decentralized finance applications. All these are carried out in an environment that is very scalable and interoperable. This gives a cutting-edge advantage to developers who build on Avalanche. They can either create robust, fully-secured, and dependable applications and Blockchain networks on the current public or private subnets or build new complex rulesets. Till now, there were unique issues faced by Avalanche. Decentralization in their work opens the floodgates for bugs to occur among different components of the system. This is more adverse than bugs occurring within a centralized component. While it is not outside the capability of modern tools to tackle small sets of integrated components and individual components, the continual testing of full test-nets acts as a performance-diminisher for unsupported workflow. The launch of Kurtosis today is a proud moment for Avalanche as it will help the platform get around the drawbacks. Kurtosis is a broad end-to-end testing platform that is primarily meant for developers. They can now build on Avalanche, a range of anti-fragile technologies, while the network continues its quick decentralization task. Since the tricky part before for Avalanche was that continuous testing did not optimally support workflow, the introduction of Kurtosis will help get over this issue as it is designed to assist development workflows. What works in its favor is that it can run in continuous integration environments like TravisCI and CircleCI or on the laptops of developers. Thus, developers can locate errors quickly in the development cycle, and all the members of the team can share the pace and the intricacies of work as well as maintain whole-net functionality. For developers, it is a win-win situation with Kurtosis. They will have total power to control all parameters of the test environments and build intricate test scenarios like heterogeneous networks and networks with a combination of honest and malicious nodes. The introduction of Kurtosis has been proudly announced on Twitter by Avalanche. It says that Kurtosis, an end-to-end platform. will help developers to build, test, and launch applications much faster on Avalanche. Check out the tweet on After helping Avalanche crack the challenges of running network-wide tests, the Kurtosis team is now looking to expand to the total Avalanche community. Reach out to the team at [email protected] or Blockchain News