Laminar to Launch Flowchain Using Substrate to Enhance its Working

Hailed as a popular decentralized finance protocol firm, Laminar is all set to revolutionize the digital assets trading space by launching Flowchain using the Substrate system. The high-performance, cost-efficient financial service chain will serve as a parachain on the Polkadot Network using Laminar’s powerful Flow Protocols. Flowchain will facilitate the best-in-class trading for a bigger class of users and integration with the Polkadot Network to foster cross-chain connections. According to the report, Laminar uses Flow Protocols to bridge the gap between digital asset service providers and customers. The protocols leverage blockchain support for both synthetic assets as well as margin trading and eliminate the issues of hidden pricing policies and price manipulation existing in the present market spaces. The network enhances the quality of on-chain trading liquidity by bridging the gap on and off-chain participants. The firm aims to bring new, innovative business projects to mainstream financial space users. Flow protocols boost the DeFi sector by allowing developers to design diverse offerings for the industry. The Ethereum integration will provide a valuable gateway to offer functionality and liquidity to the DeFi world. They will help enhance the users’ trading experience, attract more liquidity on-chain, and open doors for more open finance clusters. Three Pillars of Laminar Chain Turbulence Test Network: The users can expect turbulence and uninformed reboots on this risk-free and value-free system. It will work as the testing ground for new projects. Reynold Canary Network:It is Laminar Chain’s unaudited release integrated with the Kusama network. With an economic value depicted by REY, this network will use kaUSD, Acala’s canary network stablecoin, as the base trading value. Laminar Mainnet: The mainnet will be connected to the Polkadot mainnet. The network token LAMI will work as a governance token and incentive for the participants. It will use aUSD, a stablecoin of the Acala mainnet, as the primary trading currency. The Flowchain Components A Substrate-supported chain, with multiple runtime modules, to promote synthetic assets and margin trading. Token module providing multi-currency support and oracle module from Lamar’s Open Runtime Library (ORML) to use and design. A decentralized application (DApp) as a trading ground and a plethora of services offered by Laminar. Giving support for tools and documentation for investors and DApp developers. The Protocols Synthetic Asset: This allows trading, usage, and interest-earning on financial assets. Asset efficiency dealers lock 100% of the value of an open position while the remaining risks are borne by liquidity providers. Margin Trading: The users can open leveraged short and long positions with up to 50× leverage bracket. Immediate liquidity, mitigated risks, and liabilities for investors. High-end profits remain locked by the protocol. Money Market: It helps to accrue interest while trading. Supports a floating interest rate that boosts return and guarantees liquidity. Finance News