Kodak Unveils Document Management Platform Based On Blockchain

The blockchain space always has something exciting going on in terms of innovative technologies and product launches. Recently, blockchain enthusiasts were treated with an interesting announcement by Kodak, the renowned imaging-tech company, which disclosed the firm’s latest offering – a document management system based on the blockchain technology. The announcement was made at the two-day Kodak Innovation Conference 2019 held in New York’s Rochester on 5th June. The offering, titled KODAK Document Management Platform, has been launched by Kodak Services for Business. The platform has been designed, keeping in mind the targeted clientele of governments as well as businesses. According to the company, this document management system will help both kinds of their client base to safeguard and manage their sensitive documents hassle-freely. The use of blockchain technology will lend the required level of security and efficiency to the platform, states the company. In addition to this, the blockchain-based platform will also be offering features such as archiving and automated workflows so that information, document, and content can be accessed in real-time with complete accuracy. During the launch, Kodak also stated that this new platform would greatly help organizations to save costs up to 40 percent, thanks to its enhanced productivity and significantly reduced the level of information loss. Apart from the KODAK Document Management Platform, the company also launched KODAK Scan Cloud, a specially designed solution that enables the user to process data regardless of their location. The conference also witnessed the discussion on the concept of “Smart Cities” which revolves around utilizing cutting-edge technologies for improving the services and infrastructure in a way that boosts the overall functionality of urban areas. It must be noted that Kodak had revealed its keen interest in the blockchain and crypto space when it announced to run an ICO. KodakCoin, the company’s crypto, focussed on image copyright management on the web. However, the launch of this ambitious project had to be delayed just before the day of the ICO for status evaluation of the potential investors. All this action took place in February last year. As per the recent news though, Kodak has collaborated with a company called RYDE Holding for developing a platform for image rights named KodakONE that assures photographers of copyright protection. It will also help photographers in monetizing their work. Apparently, over 1 million dollars has already been raised during the beta test of the platform through licensing claims. RYDE Holding is shaping up this project with ICOx Innovations. Blockchain News