Know everything about UBIQ- A Decentralized Platform

What Is Ubiq? Ubiq IS A peer-to-peer, decentralized, and open-source cryptocurrency. However, unlike many of the contemporary cryptocurrencies such as DASH or Bitcoin, Ubiq has another function. It is a decentralized platform for making DApps. It began its operations back in January 2017. In fact, it was forked out of Ethereum. Also, similar to Ethereum has its own ETH tokens, Ubiq owns UBQ tokens to perform its functions on the blockchain. How Does It Work? Ubiq implements its code in line with its Ethereum Virtual Machine and Turing-Completeness. Furthermore, it has its own native crypto-token (i.e., UBQ). This native token fuels the smart contracts and Decentralized applications (aka DApps). The tokens are accepted for its network as remuneration for transactions and computations carried out. Market Cap Of Ubiq :  The year of 2017 was the first year of the UBQ blockchain. Its total supply increased during the year at the rate of 8 UBQ tokens for every block mined. How To Buy Ubiq Cryptocurrency? Ubiq grew more than 700% in the year 2017 and had a dream year. It reached its all-time high of $2.18 per unit. This means that if you had invested $100 in the initial stages, you could have withdrawn $800 at the end of the cycle. That is quite a remarkable achievement by any standards. Besides, its market cap is comparatively small compared to the market rates. It does have a good potential to grow to the levels of some of its prime competitors. What Makes Ubiq Promising & Different? (What’s Ubiq’s Future?) Ubiq is a promising cryptocurrency to HODL that has great potential. It is also hopeful that it will give great user adoption options. The other advantage is that it is not pre-mined. Neither did it start with a dull ICO. Besides, both the founders and investors are of the same opinion and want to see the growth of the company for the overall good. Ubiq is much more stable and trouble-free than most of its competitors. This is because it does not require timely updates like many other contemporaries. This is a huge bonus in regards to enterprise adoption. Remember that Ubiq is forked out of Ethereum. It has several changes such as a new and improved code base and consensus-level changes also executed. It gives the platform the essential security. All these combine to make it one of the best options for smart contract implementers and enterprise-ready solution for DApp makers. Development Of Ubiq : The parent company of Ubiq- UBiq Technologies Inc- was founded by a team of highly experienced developers. The team comprises of Luke Williams, Alex Sterk, Kris Hansen, and Julian Yap. All the members have previous experience of being in some of the most ambitious projects. Ubiq (UBQ) News