Kashif Raza and Sandeep Nailwal Discuss the Matic Network and Infosys Partnership

Matic Network has announced its partnership with Infosys, the Indian technology giant. The partnership is already the talk of the town for various reasons for how it is beneficial for the blockchain market and the regulation of the ecosystem. Talking about this entire partnership, Kashif Raza, the Co-founder of Cryptokanoon, took it to twitter to have a conversation with the Co-founder of Matic Network Sandeep Nailwal. Raza asked Nailwal to explain how this partnership happened, and to what level it would benefit the organization’s ecosystem. Talking about the partnership, Nailwal told that Infosys has extremely strong leadership quality, and the firm is quite active on the blockchain network. Nailwal believes that the best part about Infosys is that the firm understands how the blockchain network works. Their strong leadership understands that the narrative of the privacy blockchain is not long-lasting, and at the end of the day, blockchain is mainly about transparency, decentralization, and openness of the ecosystem. Infosys understands the fact that eventually, it will all be a part of the public blockchain. Nailwal further added that Infosys is actively participating in blockchain research. And all these are the various reasons why Matic Network decided to plan a strategic partnership with Infosys. On the lines of how difficult it was to convince Infosys to agree for this collaboration, Nailwal stated that they made Infosys understand their further plans and strategies that work on development at each level. Currently, Matic is working on side chains and plans to launch the privacy chain in the future. After all such discussion of plans, strategies, and ideas, Infosys was impressed and further agreed for the collaboration. Nailwal believes that this partnership will be helping Infosys to build enterprise solutions and further work with the enterprises on board as well. Matic is leading globally, and Infosys sees the potential, and therefore it wasn’t difficult for Matic to agree over this integration. Nailwal thinks that if Infosys comes up with their ideas to bring enterprise solutions to the Matic Network, then this can be an overall good plan that will benefit the ecosystem. Concluding the conversation, Raza said that this partnership will be a remarkable move in the blockchain fraternity and stands as a great example for many. Such a partnership portrays a good picture to the government and delivers the message of an improved regulatory system. This collaboration’s primary aim is to provide a strong infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem. After this partnership, Infosys will be contributing to the building of a robust infrastructure to hold the transactions made on the Matic network. Blockchain News