John McAfee to Attend CC Forum Investments in Blockchain and AI in London

John McAfee announced via a tweet on Thursday that he will be attending the iconic CC Forum for investments in blockchain and AI. The forum is set for October 15– 16, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London. John McAfee has recently launched a decentralized crypto exchange christened McAfee DEX, which all set to disrupt the industry. Being a long time crypto-blockchain promoter, it would be interesting to see what the privacy and anti-virus pioneer has to say about the two modern technologies. Recently, McAfee has also joined the advisory board of the enterprise blockchain solutions company based out of the Middle East, Burency. What would be more interesting to see, is the fact that how the administrative authorities would react to McAfee’s presence, as he is wanted by quite a few American agencies in a handful of criminal charges like tax evasion, money laundering, etc. He has been on the run for the past few years and was also arrested by the Dominican Republic Armed Forces earlier this year. He has also claimed that the CIA has been hunting for him, due to which he is forced to keep shifting his bases. Being in such hot pursuit, attending a public event as big as the CC Forum could turn out to be ugly for the fugitive, though he isn’t someone who would compromise on his security. Organizers of the CC Forum, on the other hand, must be well aware of the risk behind inviting McAfee, and therefore, the invitation seems to have been a well thought one. Barring the risks, inviting supercomputer minds like McAfee is quite a sensible decision, as the world needs innovation in the field of blockchain and AI. Someone like McAfee, who has been among the helm of the blockchain industry for this long, will have ideas and insights to share, which could attract investors and encourage them to place their bets on these technologies. John McAfee News