Is Dubai Planning To Become First Blockchain City By 2020?

When we think of Dubai, we imagine the tallest building in this world named Burj Khalifa. We think of wealthy Arabs, lavish lifestyle, tall infrastructures, a mixture of culture and affluence. But, now we might have to think about one more awe-inspiring thing in relation to Dubai.  Is the kingdom planning to turn Dubai into the first ever blockchain-backed city in the world by 2020? Dr. Aisha Bishr, the DG of Smart Dubai, believes that Dubai city has all it takes to grow itself as a blockchain and crypto hub of the world. It is established in the right position. The city could create blockchain based smart city in merely a couple of years. Smart Dubai has organized a 3rd blockchain related competition named the Global Blockchain Challenge. The purpose of this global competition and summit is to find the most creative and talented blockchain companies from the world and invite them to operate in Dubai. Dr. Aisha expressed a few fascinating and positive views related to Dubai’s potential for crypto-related businesses. She said the city has presented and established itself as a world-class hub for blockchain businesses and innovators from the global blockchain sector. She further noted that with the guidance by the Smart City, the emirate has become technology friendly. The city can use the servant-grade technologies to build an improved urban and well-connected experience for its people and visitors too. Organizing the global blockchain competition and attracting the talented and skilled startups to operate in the city is a part of the broad vision named Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020. Earlier this year, Smart Dubai and Dubai Future Foundation announced this plan and both of them are firm about making the city the blockchain-powered city by 2020. The next round of the Global Blockchain Challenge competition would be undertaken on 2⎯3 April, 2019, on the occasion of Future Blockchain Summit, at the Dubai World Trade Center. Blockchain-related participating startups who crack the basic levels of the competition will be invited to train with the Dubai Future Accelerators and will be introduced to the UAE culture. The first three winners of the competition will be able to sell and install their offerings in Dubai. The first three winners will receive $20,000, $15,000 and $10,000 in cash respectively. The summit has more than 8,000 visitors, 130 crypto startups and more than 140 speakers. Blockchain News