IOST Staking on a Rise, OnBlock Pool a Big Success, Opens Japanese Doors with Sanka Network

Crypto staking is a rising concept in the industry, and IOST network is certainly enjoying it. Recent developments suggest that the IOST users have graciously accepted staking, and future expansions in this direction are heavily expected. Here are two major steps in IOST staking: OnBlock Pool Success In a matter of five days since OnBlock Pool began staking for IOST token, it has received staking from token holders amounting to more than 5,000,000 IOST. OnBlock, incepted earlier in April this year by Oasis, is a platform which allows users to experience the world of decentralized applications by simply using their phone numbers. In an official post on Medium, IOST network stated that users worldwide had received OnBlock positively, as it managed to build a huge users base for the dapps in just a couple of months. OnBlock released its exchange platform and listed multiple IOST trading pairs. Onblock is dedicated to creating a secure and reliable digital asset trading platform centering user experience. It aims to provide safe, stable, and efficient digital asset trading and DApp exploration services. Sanka Network Launched IOST Staking Japan is an important crypto market, and its the door for Japanese crypto staking segment is now open to IOST. Japanese crypto staking start-up Sanka, backed by Hash Hub, has launched staking for IOST Tokens. Sanka is a Japanese word, which means ‘participation.’ Hash Hub has a unique take on crypto staking and mining, as it thinks it to be an important component in user participation in blockchain governance, rather than just being an investment and crypto accumulation tool. In its official blog post, IOST mentions that while IOST has joined Hash Hub’s selected blockchain ecosystems, the latter, on the other hand, joins as a Servi node on IOST network. IOST News