IOST Platform’s Partnership With Prophet and Infinito Wallet To Boost Growth

IOST platform has been on a conquering mission ever since its launch earlier in March this year. The platform has had cracking several partnerships and collaborations across the crypto industry to push its development. Recently, the network has partnered with decentralized finance platform called Prophet, which will help it further expand in a segment still in its early days. Decentralized Finance, popularly known as DeFi in the industry, is a budding concept, with some of the big names jumping into it. This is the second big partnership for IOST in DeFi, the first being with the largest DeFi platform based on Ethereum, Nest. Speaking on the partnership with IOST, co-founder of Prophet DeFi – Fan Yayun said, This powerful collaboration with IOST is an important step for Prophet brand upgrade and lays a solid technical foundation for the Prophet DeFi platform. Another important partnership that IOST has cracked recently is with Infinito Wallet, which will fully support the network’s token transactions, mainnet account creation and importation, and asset management. It will also feature and an exclusive section for IOST dApps, and PoS asset management services on a later date. Infinito Wallet is global crypto wallet which supports top crypto assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, NEO, and GAS. IOST has announced a special joint Ask-me-anything session on YouTube for next month to celebrate the partnership, the date of which will be declared soon. These two partnerships are strategically important for the IOST network, which despite all its success, is just a few months old, and needs to work hard to establish itself as a horse for the long race. While Prophet will help the creation of DeFi based dApps on the network, integration with Infinito will allow users it to create a formidable user base foe these dApps. IOST News