ICX Station Adds Support For Gambling DApp ICONbet

ICX Station, the globally reputed platform providing funding and resources to blockchain-pegged projects, has broadcasted the news about its network lending support to ICONbet, a leading DApp. The strategic partnership between the two leading platforms is likely to pave the way for success for both the individual entities as well as their global customers. With the evolution of blockchain technology, various industrial domains started adopting the new age technology and infusing it into their traditional systems to churn out the best results. The industry of online gambling showed significant trust in the excellence of blockchain technology and soon, the market was flooded with blockchain-supported gambling solutions. ICONbet shines as the first-ever DAO and online gambling platform, which serves a huge customer base hailing from different parts of the world. The platform has settled more than five million transactions on its network and takes pride in managing over $140,000 average volume of transactions on a daily basis. According to the official announcement made by ICX Station, the organization will provide the crucial aid to the ICONbet network by allowing it to expand the volume of its KPIs, routine users, and the overall community size. ICX Station benefits its member entities by providing an array of lucrative funding offerings and services. It plays an important role in drafting high-level strategy plans, expansion plans, token designing plans, etc. The team is dedicated to lending the best funding sources for potential initiatives. The blockchain technology revolutionizes the gambling industry by providing secure and fair gaming solutions. Immutability, genuineness, and high-order security are some of the chief benefits which blockchain bestows upon gambling lovers. ICX Station aims to strengthen the base objectives of the ICONbet system by leveraging its support to the community. ICONbet finds its place in the top 30 DApp solutions across all blockchain networks. It allows its community members to enjoy access to DAO votes through the IRC2 TAP tokens. With active community participation, ICONbet aims to strengthen its network in a big way. Blockchain News