Here’s A Tip For You: Watch Out For BAT Tipping On Reddit

Very soon the tipping feature of BAT crypto will take the internet by storm. The glimpse of the feature has already been seen on Reddit. The platform is one of the biggest platforms where one can find all the latest information and the latest developments in the crypto sphere. To elaborate, just have a look at the 1.1 million users of Bitcoin forum on Reddit. On the other hand, crypto forums have more than 900,000 users. On such a platform, anything that makes a big impact definitely has something great to offer. As per reports, on Reddit, which is considered to be among the world’s top twenty websites, users can soon start to tip each other. They can do so with the help of BAT crypto (Basic Attention Token.) One should note that this tipping ability can only be accessed only through the Brave browser. The users can find a crypto ‘tip’ button on the website. As of now, it is in its BETA testing stage. The fact that this platform has a huge number of the user base, the BETA test stage in itself has become the largest test of all times for BAT crypto as a way of making payments. Brave Browser is a search engine which is based on the blockchain technology. The main focus of this browser is to support user privacy and empowering them online. How does it work? Well, the user gets a chance to earn by visiting ads. It further, gives freedom to the users to choose which ads they want to view. As per a scheme called- the ‘Brave Rewards,’ the users get paid in BAT token for watching the ads that respect the user privacy. In addition, the users can also choose to support the content creators who they frequently visit, with the help of these rewards. When can we expect to see the MAIN stage? On the Reddit forum, in the user discussion panel, the brave team said that the BETA testing stage would take around three weeks for completion of the developmental cycle in order to enter into the main stage- the fully functional stage. Further, for those curious users who wish to know about the ‘build channels,’ they can do so by the download page on the official website of BRAVE. The Verification of your Reddit Account- If you already have a Reddit account, you can easily start to get it verified, and therefore, start to get tipping process started. It is a very easy and quick process, which almost takes a few seconds to complete the verification process. All you need to do is to log into your account and verify the account to get going in no time. Basic Attention Token (BAT)