Firearm Firm Justifire Bags Patent for Incorporating Blockchain Technology

The invention of blockchain technology has never failed to surprise us with new smart uses of the technology. Be it the field of Internet of Things (IoT), or education, or funds transfer at surprisingly low rates in a fraction of seconds. Recently, a brand new industry has been in awe of the blockchain industry. It is- firearm industry. The blockchain technology will be used with ‘patent issuance’ to Justifire. The patent was filed on 3rd Feb, last year. The patent was issued on 23rd July 2019. Justifire is a gun appliance manufacturer which is based in Georgia. The company is famous for producing highly capable products. One product that outshines the remaining products and has become the signature product of the company has the following unique qualities. In high-intensity events where lethal force is required, the device can capture- Visual data Audio data, It senses any sudden change in the environment. As per the abstract produced by the company, these firearm apparatuses may include- An attachment structure that will be attached to the portions of the firearm, A processing unit, A camera which will be used for recording image data, A microphone which will be used for recording audio data, and An inertial sensor module which will be used for providing orientation data. Why is there any need to record the lethal episodes? The purpose of recording the lethal episodes stems from the need for safeguarding the right of self-defense. The recorded information can be used for case studies, legal matters, evidence to produce to the public whenever needed. The incorporation of blockchain technology- This device by Justifire has been patented by the company. The patent details explain that the device’s dimensions are- ‘3 inches by 3 inches by 1.5-inches’ device. This product will incorporate blockchain technology. The need of blockchain technology in this device is quite interesting. Here are a few ways with which it will be used- The recorded information will be passed on to the nodes of the ledger of the Blockchain. Here, at the node, the information will get encrypted to add an extra layer of safety. Then at the nodes, the information will get saved. In the patent, there are points which suggest the possibility of tokenizing the information to encourage more and more participation on the node. As per the abstract produced by the company, these nodes of the blockchain network may include- Client devices Servers, and Firearm environmental recording apparatuses. Possibility of crypto tokens being offered in order to encourage data exchange in the blockchain network. As of now, two SD cards are being used to store encrypted information. Jason Palazzolo is the inventor and the CEO of Justifire. According to him, this integration of Justifire with blockchain technology is a great way to recreate actions that lead to any lethal or intense action. This combination is an excellent step towards self-defense as well. Here is what the CEO said- “Justifire uses a combination of autonomous sensors to capture every aspect of any given situation. In the case of self-defense, this data can be used to recreate the actions and events leading up to and after the discharge of a firearm.” Need for funding for further development- There are many ways in which this product can be further developed. Some examples of the new tools are as follows- UltraSonics Thermal tools Laser Imaging radar tools, etc. For this purpose, the company is looking for funding. It will be a great feat to incorporate blockchain technology in this field. There is a big room for development for this project and the industry overall with the incorporation of blockchain technology. Let us see where this endeavor takes us. Blockchain News