Fineon Teams Up With Aon to Cater Credit Insurance on Export Finance Platform

Fineon Exchange is one of the more innovative finance companies in Europe, and in a new development, it has emerged that the Luxembourg based company has teamed up with Aon for one of its latest projects. Fineon has launched a highly innovative platform meant for providing export finance, and Aon has been roped in as the credit insurance broker for the same. As everyone knows, a healthy credit market cannot work efficiently without a robust credit insurance ecosystem, and that service is going to be provided Aon. The export finance platform is going to be used by exporters, investors, and banks in a big way, which is why the presence of a credit insurance facility is so important. The participants in the said marketplace will then have the option of minimizing risk in a bit way. Because Aon is one of the better-known credit insurance brokers in the world, it gives Fineon’s platform a big boost. Since it is a new platform, it will need the trust of the market participants, and hence, this collaboration is a hugely important one. Aon Credit Solutions’s CEO, Stuart Lawson, spoke about the development and how the collaboration will help the company’s goals to boost such projects. He said, Our collaboration with Fineon Exchange fits perfectly with this trend. Through the Fineon platform we will see the further coming together of credit insurance and funding. Fineon’s managing partner Michel Kilzi stated that such an arrangement helps the company in providing optimized export finance solutions to its clients in Europe. He added, Credit insurance is a strategic component within our export finance platform as it provides both risk mitigation for exporters and capital relief for funders… Finance News