Exploring the Blockchain via YouTube: The Top 10 Trending Videos in 2019

YouTube needs no introduction based on the ever impressive services it has been offering since 2005. Information on almost everything under the sun can be found on this platform. So how can the revolutionary Blockchain industry stay uncovered? Of course, you can find hundreds of video on the blockchain technology, but why not to watch the most impactful ones. Here is our list of top ten videos that will prove to a worth of every second- Starting from the top- ‘Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrencies Work?’ Hosted by Michael Aranda, this video is from the SciShow channel. The video walks you through the concepts of Bitcoin and how it works. With the outburst of a crypto sphere, this easy to go and easy to understand video will be your secret weapon for gaining all the clarity you need to explore the crypto world. This video currently has 2,652,089 views by far. Next in the top ten charts is- ‘How does a blockchain work – Simply Explained.’ This six-minute video is worthy of your precious time. The six minutes very easily unravel the concepts of blockchain technology in easy to understand language. Next time when blockchain topics come up, you will be far more confident with the concept, and if you are planning to invest in the crypto world, this one serves a good foundation. This video boasts 2,693,577 views which of course is growing. The bronze medal goes to- ‘Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) work?’ 76,000 likes and 2,426,029 views say it all. This video by 3Blue1Brownchannel, explains how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually work that eventually leads to a sound understanding of how blockchain works. It also talks about how you can create your very own cryptocurrency. The next contender is- ‘Life of a Miner, From Altcoins to Bitcoins over 4 years.’ Four years of crypto mining compressed in 7 minutes video, this video is packed with the useful insight on how is the life of a Bitcoin and altcoins miner. Digital Gold channel has fewer views in comparison to this video alone, because of the entertaining value. Digital Gold will walk you through the period of 2013 to 2017 of crypto mining. This video has 2,131,142 views. Next on this list is- ‘Blockchain Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty.’ With 1,985,562 views, this multi-layered educational video from WIRED has the blockchain researcher Bettina Warburg. In the video Warburg explains the concept of blockchain technology to different age groups. Starting from interacting with a child; the video progresses to a teen, an undergraduate student, a graduate student, and finally, a blockchain expert. After all, they say you have got the concept right if you can explain it in one sentence! At the sixth spot is- ‘How the blockchain will radically transform the economy.’ This video is the TEDx talk from Bettina Warburg. She gave this talk back in 2016, but the video is a much sought after video when it comes to seeking informative resource for learning about the blockchain technology and its impact on the economy all over the world in the near future. This video has 1,509,155 views. The video- ‘19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt’ bags the seventh spot- Future Thinkers podcasters have covered an unusual but relevant topic on how the revolutionary blockchain industry has been affecting other industries. The video also covers various blockchain applications, the concepts of blockchain technology, and it also offers some real-world feedback on the blockchain technology. It has gained 1,262,239 views by far. On the spot, eighth is- ‘My Top 3 Cryptocurrencies for 2018.’ Vlogger- Louis Thomas talks about his top three cryptocurrencies. Time-wise, if 2018 title suits or not is questionable as the video was posted at the end of 2017. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting take on the cryptocurrencies covered in the video. This video has received 1,263,044 views. https://youtu.be/Hji-EA3aJPU Next in the top ten charts is- ‘Blockchain: Massively Simplified.’ This one is a TEDx video by Richie Etwaru. The tag of TEDx naturally talks to good quality information. Further what adds to the quality of the video is about Richie Etwaru (the founder and CEO of Hu-manity.com) professing about the blockchain management at Syracuse University in New York. Hu-manity.com is dedicated to using decentralized technology in order to develop human rights and sovereign laws. This video has achieved 1,175,529 views by far. 10. Last on our top ten list is- ‘Why Blockchain Matters MoreThan You Think!’ In this video Cold Fusion channel has explained the concepts of Blockchain technology, the effective uses of the technology along with suitable reasons, the ongoing impact of the blockchain technology in banking and other industries, smart contracts, and lastly the video covers a few potential issues with the blockchain technology. The video has garnered 816,826 views by far. Above were the top ten from our side. Do let us know about your take on the videos, and also keep a close watch on CryptoNewsZ for more such interesting articles that boost your journey into the crypto world with knowledge, fun, smart investing tips, latest news and so much more. YouTube