Ethereum Vs Ripple: Ethereum Declines By 6.9% While XRP By 6.5% In The Last 20 Days

Facebook’s Libra may pose a threat to both Ripple & Ethereum Ethereum and Ripple prices slump since the beginning of the month With immense unexplored potential in the world of digital assets, more and more companies are investing their resources, time, and energy on building the solutions for the future world and hence, competition keeps getting tougher. With the introduction of Libra by Facebook, some of the crypto enthusiasts believe that currencies like ETH & XRP have to jig themselves to stay in the long game and the current market performance of both tokens also conveys the same. ETH – XRP Price Statistics: As on June 19, 2019, at 10:48:37 UTC, ETH is trading at $267.38 while XRP is trading at $0.43. Within the last 20 days, ETH has shown a downtrend of over 6.9% slipping from $287 to its current value and XRP declined by 6.5% from $0.46 to its current value. Both coins have almost followed a similar pattern throughout the month reporting highs and lows at the same time. Statistics Ethereum (ETH) Ripple (XRP) Price  (USD) 267.38 0.43 Price (BTC) 0.02923655 0.00004750 Market Capitalization 28,352,723,213 18,493,349,322 24h volume 6,179,775,431 1,382,322,039 Circulating Supply 106,552,045 ETH 42,501,950,124 XRP Return on Investment >9000% 7302.08% The ROI of Ethereum is currently at >9000% since the past few days while XRP’s ROI has also grown to cross 7000%. The market cap and 24h volume of the coins are separated by a considerable difference, and XRP has a lot of catching up to do. The first resistance level of XRP is noted at $0.44, and it is trading around this value now while ETH’s resistance level is noted at $271.86 and the coin’s current value is lagging behind. ETH – XRP Price Prediction: Both Ethereum and Ripple have a lot of things to prove in this year and justify their positions as top 2nd and 3rd cryptocurrencies, respectively, in the market of cryptocurrencies. ETH may decline slightly more and close the day around $265 while XRP may again repeat yesterday’s trend by closing on a higher side at $0.44. Conclusion: Long-term investments in both XRP and ETH can result in good returns. Cryptocurrency News