Ethereum vs EOS Price Analysis: Ethereum Maintains An Edge Over EOS Securing Investors’ Trust

ETH and EOS maintain steady growth curve since the onset of 2019 ETH and EOS both tend to revolutionize the future of economy through co-existence While Ethereum has provided a blockchain based smart contracts platform for everybody to build their cryptocurrencies, EOS keeps an edge on making decentralized computation possible. The tokens have shown phenomenal growth throughout the year and headed towards new avenues. Although EOS started with the tag of being the ‘Ethereum arch rival,’ the coin has to gain the market trust for long term sustenance. The current market performance of both coins is satisfactory and progressive. Ethereum-EOS Price Comparison: In the last 20 days, both EOS and ETH have shown an uptrend. While ETH showed an upward surge of over 21.37% rising from $233.24 to as high as $283.09, EOS showed an uptrend of over 15% rising from $5.78 to $6.65. As on June 14, 2019, at 08:25:04 UTC, the price of ETH is noted at $256.20 while EOS is trading at $6.41. Statistics Ethereum (ETH) EOS (LTC) Price  (USD) 256.20 6.41 Price (BTC) 0.03112642 0.00079063 Market Capitalization 27,294,735,550 6,014,594,947 24h volume 8,370,292,327 2,288,142,612 Circulating Supply 106,483,078 ETH 919,053,148 EOS Return on Investment 8,947.26% 5,22.75% The price movement of both crypto tokens looks almost similar replicating exact high and low points. ETH first started surging from $233 to reach $283 and then dipped down to $234 before commencing an upswing again. Similarly, EOS started climbing up from $5.7 to reach $8 and then dipped back to $5.9 before rising again. Ethereum-EOS Price Prediction: Since the beginning of the year, ETH has recorded 2X growth from initially trading around $133 to crossing $260 mark. EOS, on the other hand, has grown over 3X times from trading at $2 in January 2019 to now above $6. This shows a tremendous growth curve for both coins and hence the remaining year will record some good high points for both ETH & EOS. ETH can rise as high as $500, and EOS may cross the $10 mark. Conclusion: EOS and ETH are both highly lucrative deals, and investment in both can pay good returns in the future. Cryptocurrency News